Church History (2 of 3)

The south wing was built for additional Sunday School rooms and offices for the secretary and the pastor. These offices were remodeled into the present Nursery.


Pastor Ralph Carlson (served 1973-1979) wrote, “Our mission in the world is not to preserve an institution, but to love all people; not to keep people active, but to help them be faithful; not to hold services, but to offer the grace of God.” Two interns were trained in pastoral ministry at St. John’s during these years. Pastor Ralph led the Bethel Series and Herein is Love series to strengthen faith and Biblical knowledge. After retirement, Pastor Ralph and his wife Helen returned to St. John’s and were active supporters of its ministry, especially the 2004 remodeling project. He designed and made the altar furniture with the help of Mark Burkhart.  Pastor E. Ellsworth Campbell served as assistant pastor in 1976.

Pastor Jack Niemi served from 1979 to 1986. Pastor Archie Campbell (served 1980-1982) died at age 59 while serving as associate pastor at St. John’s. Pastor Mel Briere served 1984-1986 as associate pastor and then as interim before Pr. Clutz. Under Pastor Niemi’s leadership, the congregation re-purchased the land to the north in 1985 with the vision of building a larger sanctuary. A multipurpose building was built on the east side of the property to be used as a temporary sanctuary until the permanent sanctuary could be built.