Response to COVID-19

Oct 19, 2020


Jesus does “not regard people with partiality” (Matt 22:16). He knows each person so well he knows what we individually need for forgiveness and life that is eternal! To be “impartial” is not to treat everyone exactly the same way. Instead, the impartial person is so attentive to who another person is (not who we think they should be) and what that person needs (not what we think they need) and to act in ways that encourage opportunities for well-being and life. That’s what God does! That’s who Jesus is.


(1) The 8:30am and 11am service will be outside in the courtyard this weekend. We had hoped to begin inside in-person worship, but a band member tested positive for COVID-19. So, we will be at Phase 2 until after the Executive Committee considers 14 days of downward COVID-19 numbers in Maricopa County. Saturday 5:30pm service continues outside in the courtyard. Sign up online or by calling the church office beginning Oct 19. All services will continue to be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. If you would like to participate, please sign up online by going to and pressing “Sign Up for Services” or calling the church office at 623-931-2451. Here’s what to expect:

a)      If you aren’t feeling well in the slightest or have lost your sense of taste or smell in the last month, plan on staying home and participating on Sunday online.

b)      We are using metal folding chairs. If you want to bring your own cushion, please do!

c)       Plan on wearing a close-fitting mask that covers your nose and mouth at all times. We will have extras if you need one.

d)      Plan on staying 6ft apart from people you don’t live with.

e)      When you arrive, a Greeter will meet you at the gate to welcome you

f)        An usher will greet you outside the gate with hand sanitizer and masks if you need them. There is tape on the sidewalk that shows 6ft of distance for people to stay spaced apart.

g)       If there is more than one person in your household, each extra person will take a folding chair so you can all sit together.

h)      An usher will check your name off the registration list or write your name and phone number down. This is in case there is a COVID case at church.

i)        We will distribute holy communion by bread only. The Pastor will bring it to your seat. Please lay one hand on top of another and the pastor will drop the wafer in your hand. Wait until the pastor signals, and all together we will take off our masks and eat the wafer. We will immediately put our masks back on.

j)        As you exit, drop off your offering in the plate in the back.

k)      There will not be a nursery available.

l)        If you do want to visit, please visit more than 6ft apart.

m)    Love and be patient with each other during this process. We are all learning!


(2) Memorial services coming up, as we thank God for these saints life and faith: We will follow the same outdoor worship procedure outlined above. Please register for the service on the church’s website or by calling 623-931-2451.
(a) Geraldine (“Jerry”) S. – This Friday Oct 23 at 10am in the courtyard

(b)   Glenn S.– This Saturday Oct 24 at 11am at St. John’s in the Courtyard.


(3) Doves for All Saints Sunday (Nov 1). We will be remembering those who have died on Nov 1 by putting up doves around the courtyard. If you’d like a loved one’s name on a Dove, use the link on the church’s website or call the church office at 623-931-2451.


(4) Family Promise November 8-15. Could you help make or buy a dinner for up to 5 families experiencing homelessness? Or could you deliver dinner to Family Promise’s apartments? Call the church office to volunteer to help! Monday Nov 9 and Thursday Nov 12 are already covered—thanks to those who have already signed up to help!



Please include in your prayers this week:

A.      People fighting fires across the West

B.      People recovering from hurricanes

C.       Flooding in South Sudan:

D.      The Liss Family (our missionaries) and others in Beirut, Lebanon after an explosion at the port.


We have continued opportunities to deepen relationships with God and each other:

A.  Bible Studies on BlueJeans, Monday 6:45pm and Thursday 10am. The Monday night study is studying the Bible readings for Sunday; Thursday morning is studying the Gospel according to Mark.


B. Weekday Fellowship at 6:15pm and Prayer Meetings at 6:30pm

Monday through Friday on BlueJeans


C. Food Pantry

The Food Pantry remains open Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9am-12noon and can use whatever canned goods and other non-perishables you can donate. We can especially use Cans of Corn, Green Beans, and Tomato Sauce


Blessed Twenty-first week after Pentecost! Come Holy Spirit to grow our faith and guide our lives!

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