What is a Lutheran Christian? (1 of 6)

A Christian


Lutheran Christians are Christians—people who follow Christ.


Christians believe in

  • One God, whom we know in Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

  • Jesus Christ, who was fully human and fully divine

  • The Bible as God’s Word for us

  • The Gospel: We are saved by Christ alone through faith


Christians act:

  • Worship together

  • Study the Bible

  • Pray our thanks, praise, and requests to God

  • Tell others about God’s love in Jesus

  • Serve our neighbors

  • Give our time, talents and treasure

No Generic Christians


The most important point is that we are Christians—one with all believers in Christ. Yet, there is no such thing as a “generic” Christian.

Every Christian has “roots,” a particular history which shapes
          theology (thoughts about God),

          piety (the style of worshipping God),

          discipline (how we live out faith).

           .…to claim our “roots” as Lutherans is to know

                       who we are,

                       what is important to us, and

                       how we can share our strengths with the whole Church.