Altar Prayer Ministry

Members of the Altar Prayer Ministry are available to pray with you after the two Sunday worship services.  If you have a joy or a concern that you want lifted up in prayer to God, please come to the front of the sanctuary near the Cross. A member of the Altar Prayer Team will be there it greet you.  Each member is identified by name tag with an Altar Prayer Ministry symbol.  There is a small designated prayer room, the Altar Care Room, where you and the prayer minister can come together in prayer.  All are welcome to come.

Change for Change

There is a blue jar on the altar step, and you may wonder what it is for.

It is a Change for Change jar.

A few years ago, someone on the hunger committee at the synod office suggested the change for change jar. The hunger committee met monthly with a leader and representatives from some of the Lutheran Churches in the valley. The change for change jar took the place of the penny jars, which were used to collect money monthly.

At St. John’s, we collect money in our change for change jar weekly. The idea is to collect your pocket change and put it in the blue jar on the altar step.

In the first and third quarters the jar money is sent to the synod office to be used for world hunger in places like Haiti, Africa, etc.

In the second and fourth quarters the money is used for local hunger and given to our food pantry and other local needs.


Our purpose is to encourage, equip and supplement the faith formation in the family, for the children of God, from birth to wise elder

Missionary Support

Who Am I?

Pastor Kristin Engstrom is the Country Coordinator for the new Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) program in Senegal. 

Originally from the Midwestern
United States, I am a proud
graduate of the University of
Wisconsin-Madison (Go Badgers)
with degrees in Comparative
Literature and International
Relations - Africa.  A couple of years
after graduating form the University
of Wisconsin, I was finally called to

serve as a pastor in the Evangelical
Lutheran School of Theology at
Chicago. I served for six years in
two different parishes in New


Now, I live and serve in Senegal, West Africa.  A country of great hospitality.  A country where Christians and Muslims and Animists seek to live together in peace.  A country where six young adults (or jeunes adultes as we say in French) from the ELCA will spend a year accompanying our partners in Senegal, even as they themselves are transformed by the the wonderful people of Senegal. 

If you would like to sponsor me as a missionary of the ELCA please visit ELCA Global Church Sponsorship.



What is YAGM?

YAGM or Young Adults in Global Mission is a ministry partnership between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and our partner churches and ministries around the world.  YAGM in Senegal partners with Senegalese Lutheran Development Services and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Senegal.

To find out more about the Young Adults in Global Mission program of the ELCA please visit ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission.

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The Caring Committee seeks to address the physical, social and spiritual needs of the people associated with St. John's and our neighbors


The Finance Committee supports Council’s management of congregational finances by providing reports, recommending fiscal policies and procedures, and preparing the annual budget.

Christian Education

Our purpose is to encourage, equip and supplement the faith formation in the family, for the children of God, from birth to wise elder.

Our ministry meets the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 P.M. in the chapel and is open to any member of the congregation.

We come together as a team to offer our individual experiences, ideas and fellowship, as we journey in this spiritual growth.

Are you a child of God? If you responded Yes, you are invited to participate and bring your friends and neighbors.

Music and Worship

The Music and Worship committee plans and evaluates worship and music to share God’s love with our church and community.The committee also assists the Pastor and funeral Director at funeral or memorial services as well as help with the luncheon/refreshments after a service.The committee consists of the organist, choir director and contemporary band as well as choir, soloists, and small ensembles.The Music and Worship teams are:


  • Altar Care

  • Ushers and Greeters

  • Lectors & Communion assistants

  • Funeral assistants

  • Open and close Volunteers

  • Hymn boards and the perpetual candle

  • Hymn selection

  • Sanctuary preparation


The committee chair works closely with Altar care to coordinate the paraments, and banners, prepares the agenda and meets with the Pastor as needed.

Mutual Minstry

The objective of Mutual Ministry is to sustain staff and clergy, as well as to support congregational relationships with focus on the on-going success of the ministries of St. John's Lutheran Church.


The Property Committee is responsible for maintaining the facilities and grounds at St. John’s Lutheran Church for the glory of God and the hospitality of all who come.


The Stewardship Committee plans, prepares and directs the annual congregational pledge drive.

Welcome and Outreach

The Welcome and Outreach Committee fosters a welcoming, loving, Christ-like environment; provides inspiring ideas, tools, and events for spreading the love of Christ beyond the congregation; and encourages the congregation to strengthen personal relationships, invite non-members, and participate in church activities.

Technical Support

Prayer Shawl Ministry

This ministry shares God’s comfort and strength in times of stress, and His love and grace in times of joy.

Who are the shawls made for?

Anyone in need of them – members, non-members, family, neighbors, friends, co-workers – anyone you can think of that would benefit from this gift.

Who makes the shawls?

Volunteers who love to crochet and knit give of their time, talents and yarn. We meet from 9 to 11 am on the 3rd Saturday of the month (except December) for fellowship, creativity and share our experiences. This is an informal get together in rooms 9 and 13 (the Youth Room). We gather together the shawls we have made during each month for the third Sunday and ready them for blessing during the weekend church services.

How do I request a shawl?

Fill out a card found in the hymnal rack or ask Pastor or any of the shawl makers. We can help you select one if you want to take it to the person yourself, or you can ask Pastor to take it on an upcoming visit.

How can I help with this ministry?

Join us in making the shawls (we offer lessons), donate yarn or funds to purchase yarn. Come on a gathering Saturday to pick up a pattern or get instructions.

Pray for those who receive the shawls - that they feel a spiritual comfort, as well as a tangible one as the shawl is used.

Pray for those who make the shawls – as they give of their time and talents to share God’s love in this soft and gentle way.


The Prayer Shawl Ministry meets once a month (except for December) on the third Saturday of the month from 9:00 to 11:00 am, in either the Chapel or Rooms 9-13 - anywhere with some tables! We knit and crochet Prayer Shawls for our church family and our community. We also crochet and knit afghans and sew blankets and quilts for Project Linus, Phoenix/West Valley Arizona Chapter. Jackie Wagner is a St. John's Member and our Project Linus liaison. If you would like to make new blankets, quilts or afghans for Project Linus, please go to their website for all the information you need.

Use only acrylic yarn for afghans and only cotton, flannel or fleece fabric for blankets. If you use fleece or flannel, use only one layer of fleece or flannel for each blanket.IIf you want to donate to the Prayer Shawl Ministry, we would love a donation of acrylic yarn and cotton or fleece fabric. If you would like a Prayer Shawl for someone, they are stored in the Sanctuary Loft on the shelf at the top of the stairs.IIf you need assistance, please ask Pastor or any one of the Prayer Shawl Ministry ladies. 

St. John's Light and Sound Company
​The sanctuary at St. John's, like most churches, is equipped with a sound reinforcement system. This allows the pastor, readers, singers, choir and musicians to be heard clearly by the entire congregation, no matter where they are seated. The ultimate goal of St. John's Light and Sound Company is to enhance the worship experience. St. John's Light and Sound Company members are those in the congregation who not only have the technical skills to operate the equipment, but also understand that their service is a response to the call that we can each serve the church according to the talents God has given us.

Website Support
If you have computer skills and would like to help us maintain this web site, we would like to include you on our team.

Power Point Presentations

If you have attended our worship services, you know that prior to each service the weekly announcements are projected on the screen. If you have the ability to create Power Point presentations, we would gladly welcome you to our team.

(Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)

St. John's Women of the ELCA meet once a month from September through May. The group meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 1:30 P.M. for fellowship and Bible studies.

All women of St. John’s and their friends are welcome to attend the monthly meetings.

West Valley Community Food Pantry

The West Valley Community Food Pantry is located on the campus of St. John’s Lutheran Church at 7205  N. 51st Ave., Glendale, AZ 85301.  We are an emergency food pantry; therefore, we allow 5 food boxes per year to each household. We have no boundaries but we do request a photo ID for the person picking up the food and identification for the other members of the household.  We also have some clothing available.


An appointment for possible utility assistance can be made by calling Robert Sanders at 480-654-4539.


We are open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from
9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon. The Food Pantry telephone number is 623-848-8278.

We accept food and monetary donations at the address above. Checks may be made out to West Valley Community Food Pantry. We appreciate all donations to help those in need.

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