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Pastor Peter Perry
Pastor Peter was born in Phoenix, Arizona and grew up in the area east of St. John’s. He attended Washington High School, and later the University of Arizona. He graduated from the U of A in 1991 with a degree in Engineering Mathematics, but heard a call to become a pastor.
So, he attended Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, CA. While at seminary, his teaching parish was Hope Lutheran Church in San Mateo, CA. He interned at Peace Lutheran Church in Toledo, OH. After his ordination on February 23, 1997, Peter served at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Mesa, AZ until 2004 when he went to the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago for doctoral studies. He specialized in the book of Revelation and ancient communication practices, graduating Ph.D. in New Testament in 2009.

Pastor Peter is married to Dana and they have two daughters, Ruth and Esther.

Pastor Perry was called to St. John’s in 2009.  He seeks to listen carefully for how God is working in and through this congregation in the community.
Jennifer Roland
Church Secretary 
St John's Church Council
Martha Miller
President/Caring, Memorial
Ben Froehlich
Secretary/Welcome & Outreach
Betty Thompson
Christian Education
Betty Thompson (2).JPG
Kevin Staggs
Mutual Ministry
Staggs-Kevin 2x2.jpg
Diane Arnst
Vice President/caring
Advocate for Lutheran Advocacy
Diane Arnst.jpg
Phil Bacon
Phil Bacon.jpg
Sandy Osborne
Fellowship, Property
Barb Kapla
Worship & Music
Gayle Riggert-Harris
Dr. Samuel
Choir Director
2022 Choir.jpg
Contemporary Band
Tracy Williams
Charlie Van
Drums and Vocals
Suzanne Randel
Gary Hudson
Bill Cox
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