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Holy Week 2022

Palm Sunday

Sat 5pm (Apr 9)

Sun 8:30, 11am (Apr 10)

Jesus enters Jerusalem as King and we shout “Hosanna!”

Easter Vigil

Sat 5pm (Apr 16)

The Disciples wait for what God will do next.

Maundy Thursday

12noon, 6:30pm (Apr 14)

On the night he is betrayed, Jesus gathers his disciples.

(the noon service is in the Chapel.)

Easter Sunrise

Sun 6am (Apr 17)

The Women go to the Tomb and discover it is empty!

(in the Courtyard)

Good Friday

12noon, 6:30pm (Apr 15)

Jesus is killed by the Romans. He dies with the weight of the world.

Celebration of New Life

Sun 7am, 8:30am,

11:00am (Apr 17)

The disciples encounter the Risen Jesus. Christ is risen!


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