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Welcome Families with Children
St. John’s Welcomes Families with Children.

The nursery is an option available, but we encourage children to be in the service so they learn how to worship. But this can be a challenge. If you don’t have children with you in church, please consider:

* Remember that children aren’t born knowing how to sit still or worship. Most children have to do something at least 20 times before they start to get the hang of it. And children learn faster than adults!

* Be Patient. Remember that getting children to church may be a challenge. It takes extra time and energy to get them ready for church. Especially young children require getting bags ready, getting into car seats, etc. Don’t stare or glare at parents when a child is making noise.

* Tell parents and children you are glad they are here and reassure them that every parent goes through this. Parents can feel very self-conscious about their children. A kind and encouraging word is such a relief.

* Offer to help keep up with worship. Hold the hymnal, or help find the page or place so that parents and children can participate as fully as possible.

* Offer to get an activity bag. In the narthex (and back of the chapel) there are bags with coloring and activity pages for children. These are a great way to help children stay focused during worship. Children are amazing: they can listen and learn while coloring and keeping their hands busy!

* Suggest the nursery—but not in a judgmental way. Don’t imply by your looks or tone, “your kids are obnoxious and get them out of here!” Say something like, “Is there some way I can help? Or if you need, there’s a nursery.”

Each of us has a responsibility to help children and their families feel God’s grace in worship.
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