What is Membership? (1 of 3)

Baptism = Membership in the Church

You are made a Member of the one holy Church—the body of Christ—by baptism in the name of the Triune God. This is the most important meaning of “membership”: God has saved you in baptism and made you a child of God! It is a gift from our gracious God—we can’t earn or deserve it!

This is membership in the Church (capital C) which includes baptized believers from every Christian denomination in every time and place. It’s bigger than simply belonging to a congregation!

Membership in a Congregation = Commitment to Christ

At St. John’s, everyone (regardless of membership) is welcome to Worship, hear the Gospel, receive Holy Communion, receive pastoral care, attend Bible Studies and be involved in all the activities of the congregation. All are welcome to receive!


Membership in a Congregation is not about what you get, but what you give!


You become a member of a congregation—a specific group of believers—by publicly committing or re-committing yourself to Christ and serving him through the local congregation. When you become a member, you will be asked:

     • Do you commit your life to God in Christ and will you serve Him                        through this congregation?

       If so, please answer, “Yes, by the help of God.”

      • Will you support the work of our Lord through the use of your time,                talents and treasure?

        If so, please answer, “Yes, by the help of God.”

      • Will you be faithful to the Lord in your worship, study and fellowship?

        If so, please answer, “Yes, by the help of God.”

Both Members and Associate Members make these promises. The only difference is that Associate Members are also committed to another congregation.