Worship Practices (3 of 3)

We are a Liturgical Church

Doesn’t a Set Order for Service Make the Service Boring?

It’s possible that it can if you let it. Remember that your primary role as worshipper is to listen for God’s Word to you. God may speak to you through the scripture, sermon, hymns or prayers. This takes active listening and focus. We gather to worship in order to hear God, praise God, thank God, and ask God for what we need. We don’t worship to be entertained.

A fixed order doesn’t mean that each service will be an exact duplicate of another. Each pastor and congregation do have freedom to adapt the liturgy to their particular needs. Yes, there is sameness, but at the same time there is variety.

Does This Mean That Your Services are Stiff and Formal?

It may have meant that at one time, but as society has become less formal so have our church services. Today, a church service is an occasion to celebrate the love of God. Celebrations are joyous occasions and there are no rules in our church that prevent outward expressions of that joy. Laughter is frequently heard during our worship services. You are especially encouraged to laugh at the pastor’s jokes!

Our Contemporary Service at 11:00 A.M. is definitely not stiff and formal. Yet at the same time, we do follow the liturgy.

Occasions for Solemnity

Of course there are services that are solemn. Services during the season of Lent (usually beginning in February until Easter) ask us to recall Christ’s journey to the Cross and the sacrifices he made. On Good Friday, the Tenebrae Service, or the Service of Darkness, we rehearse Christ’s death on the Cross