Sunday School Network

Sunday School at St. John's is a rotation based program.

Children in Sunday School will be introduced to the Old Testament Bible stories and scripture references as part of a four-week rotation block. Through the Rotation Sunday School program, lessons and activities tend to have a higher level of creativity. The Bible is presented in a variety of leaning styles, creating higher interest and enthusiasm as children actively manipulate their learning of the Bible.

Because the story is repeated each week to a new group of children with modification for age appropriateness, each group will experience each of the four workshops during the rotation block.

During the Opening each week, we will leam a song based on the Bible story. Children will then be dismissed with their leader to participate in one of four workshops, which may include Art, Bible Skills and Games, Cooking, Creative Drama, Science, or Video.The workshops will integrate the Bible story and scripture each week, giving the big picture idea that children can remember easily, take with them, and refer to as they grow in their Christian faith.

Leaders welcome visitors to briefly take a spin through the rooms during lessons to see the new twist on Christian Education at St. John's! Take a look!

We need leaders and Shepherds if our Sunday School is to continue giving children the Bible-based experiences we know are so important in forming their faith. Will you commit to lead or Shepherd children for a four-week block?

Please speak with Connie Parli (623-933-3868) or Pastor Peter if you have any questions.