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Give a Gift to St. John’s

As Lutheran Christians we believe all we have is from God whose free gift Grace is unconditional. This is why we give: in response to God’s free gift to us. Your gift to St. John’s will continue our work together rooted in the love of Jesus as we worship, serve, and be genuine community through life’s joys & sorrow. 



ZellePay and Bill Pay are offered by many banks and credit unions to transfer funds to businesses from your account.  There are no fees charged for this transaction. Transfers can be a one-time transfer or automatically at a predetermined time. 

A small amount is recommended for the first transfer to ensure the system has the correct information. 

The email address to use for St John's is  For detail instructions, go to ZellePay below.

Donations can also be charged to your credit card by donating through  A small fee will be charged to St John's. To create an account go to the link below.

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