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Jesus Alive Now!

“Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed, Alleluia!”

Christians have greeted each other with those words for thousands of years and in hundreds of languages around the world! The news that God’s promised king is alive echoed through the world!

Ah! I did it again: I talked about Jesus being alive in a way that suggests it is only a past-tense event. It’s true: Jesus was crucified by the Romans and rose from the dead in the year 30. To speak about the historicity of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection is important. People need to know these were historical events and part of every Christian’s task is to tell the story of that first Holy Week to everyone who will listen.

Even more important is for people to know Jesus is alive now! Because Jesus is alive now, we talk of Jesus in the present-tense, both experiencing the Sin of humanity and forgiving us to make us new people. My sins hurt Jesus today. The cruelty, war, and greed of the world are pounding nails into Jesus’s hands as you read this. The idolatry of human’s reckless consumption of the earth’s land, air, and water is a spear that pierces Jesus’s side. This is not some ancient event. This is today.

But Christ is risen, never to die again! And because he is alive now, he brings forgiveness, healing, love, and guidance to humanity today. We face the problems of humanity with courage that because Jesus lives, we can follow him to live differently.

The Church’s challenge is to help people experience the living Christ today. Jesus yearns for everyone to trust his presence and voice that comes in prayer, in study of scripture, in song, in Spirit-filled conversation, in worship, in seeing every aspect of life as service to Christ.

Are you a parent or even a grandparent raising grandkids? Your parenting is a service not only to your children, but also to Christ! You may feel like you aren’t the best parent and struggle to know how to respond to your children. Christ is alive and wants you to know his forgiveness and also to know his guidance as you respond to challenges. Christ is alive and wants you to know you aren’t alone—there are others in the Church (Christ’s body) who come together to support each other!

Are you working and frustrated with your job? Your work is a service not only to your boss and customers, but to Christ! You may feel like your boss is uncaring and customers rude, but Christ is alive! Christ wants you to know his strength, which has overcome even death itself! Christ knows the abuse of those in power, and gives us courage and joy even in the worst jobs as we serve him!

Are you struggling with health? You may feel like all you do is go from doctor to doctor and wonder what kind of life that is, but your time and your doctor’s visits have the potential to serve Christ! Christ wants you to know he is at work in and around you at doctor’s visits, caring not only for you but for nurses, doctors, and desk staff who feel harried, underpaid and underappreciated. Christ works through you today as you listen and speak, even while you are worried about your own health and situation.

Christ is alive now! Can you feel him loving you and leading you today? If so, tell your story—I’d love to hear! If you struggle to experience Christ now, talk to another Christian and pray with them. I’d love to meet with you and help you see how Christ is alive to you!

Trusting in Christ and his resurrection,

Pastor Peter


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